Scholarship Gala

Each year SILAMP presents scholarships to students in the medical field at the Gala. For more information about the scholarship gala...

Dr Carlos Finlay
Medical Conference
Our annual international medical conference honoring Dr. Carlos Finlay to share pertinent information to the Latino-American medical society.

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Diabetic Clinic

Join a free diabetic clinic to learn how to manage diabetes for you and your family.

Urban Gardening Class

Take a free class to learn how to turn your small backyard or grassy area in downtown Philadelphia into an organic ...

Veterans Suicide Summit

The 2019 Veterans Suicide Summit collaboration results will be shared online. Visit the page for more details.

Scholarship Applications

For more information about applying for a SILAMP scholarship...

Mentor A Student

Become a medical mentor and make a difference in the education of...

Latino Community Outreach

SILAMP provides education to the Latino community about medical conditions that affect them through radio, social media, health fairs, and workshops.

Puerto Rico Mission

SILAMP members joined in the efforts to help those effected by...

Cooking With Carbs Class

Take a free cooking class to learn about how to cut carbs from your diet and make healthier choices for..



Our Mission

Dr. Natalia Ortiz,  


Chief of Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry Temple School of Medicine

SILAMP President

Our Mission is to:

 To promote careers in healthcare in Latin American students by providing scholarships and mentorship
 To promote the education of the Latin American community on healthcare topics that affect them via health fairs, public press releases social media, newspaper, radio, TV, and workshops

  To promote the continued education of healthcare providers via programs such as our Dr. Carlos Finlay Multidisciplinary Medical Conference or in partnership with other professional organizations, and universities


To provide a sense of community to the healthcare providers

through networking events, collaborative projects, and friendship 

 To maintain an open professional relationship with other medical organizations and companies that are interested in the Latino American healthcare at the local, regional, national, and international levels. This will promote access to updated developments in research and medical protocols to better serve the Latino community. It will also give access to resources and collaborative initiatives to promote careers in healthcare, mentorship, and advocacy initiatives.

SILAMP is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit

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