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Environmental Health

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Crees que es POSIBLE tan poca BASURA?! 😳🌱🌎 - Minimalismo y Zero Waste

Te GUSTARÍA Comprar ASÍ? 🌱🌎😀 - Minimalismo y Cero Desperdicio EN VIVO (Zero Waste)

SILAMP Health Urban Gardening Initiative

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Urban Gardening Classes

Coming Soon

We are currently looking for an Urban Gardener and Sponsor for our Urban Gardening Classes. If you would like to sponsor this initiative, please contact us via email for more details.

Our goal is to create an Urban Garden for local communities in Philadelphia and to teach volunteers how they too can create a small garden in their backyard.

Sign up for our emails for updates on Urban Gardening as well as our other initiatives. Donations are also welcome!

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