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Silamp congratulates its President Dr Natalia Ortiz, LMSA Northeast Physician of the Month!

Physician of the Month

Dr. Natalia Ortiz, MD, DFAPA, FACLP is Professor of clinical Psychiatry for Lewis Katz Temple School of Medicine. She was born and raised in Cayey, Puerto Rico to a loving family of business owners. After pursuing a career as a board certified Chemist, her passion for the healthcare of the community drove her to a career in Medicine with specialty Psychiatry. She has worked as double board certified Psychiatrist specialized in Consultation and Liaison for the past 15 years. She is the author of several academic books and recipient of prestigious awards such as the American Psychiatry Association’s Nancy Roaske Award for excellence in medical student education. She was elected the AlDIA News Top doctor in January 2020. Her volunteering community work is highlighted as President of the Society of Ibero-Latin American Medical Professionals (SILAMP). The organization focuses on promoting careers in healthcare through mentorship, scholarships and professional development. More recently, SILAMP’s mission is focusing on health disparities seen during the Covid19 Pandemia. It is addressing the dearth of culturally and linguistically appropriate education available to the Latino Hispanic community. On another note, Dr Ortiz believes in serving as bridge to opportunities. As part of this personal mission, she will be the first Latina physician to become President of the Philadelphia Medical Society in July, 2020.

Check out our instagram for a video message from Dr. Ortiz

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