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Social Distancing or Physical Distancing? by Dr. Alexia Trevińo

By now most of us are aware of what COVID-19 and coronavirus means, but do we really know what social distancing means? News and social media have been encouraging people to practice social distancing, but is that what we need to practice?

How about we change these words to physical distancing? Practicing physical distancing is important to not only protect yourself from getting infected but to protect those who you interact with. Physical distancing means to keep at least 6 feet away from others who are not part of your household specially from those you may think might be infected. Physical distancing means to stay home if you are infected to avoid transmission to others. Physical distancing means to stay away from high risk groups of people who may develop severe complications from the infection.

Physical distancing is showing you care for those around you. Lets get physically distant but socially close! We all need to support and encourage each other to overcome this worldwide situation! Let’s spread empathy, kindness, strength, love and joy!

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