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The Foreign and International Medical Graduate Podcast

Episode 13 - Dr. Ricardo Correa-Marquez, M.D. Feb 25, 2020 Dr. Ricardo Correa-Marquez, M.D. is a phenomenal & passionate guest who loves medical education. An advocate for IMG/FMGs and He brings the "Behind the scenes secrets" on USMLE, and the show emphasizes how not to worry about the new scoring result of PASS/FAIL only instead of the 3 digits score for Step 1. And the New Requirements to get certified in the USA and access GME / Residency training.  He is an Internist, trained a Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami, with a Fellowship in Endocrinology and Diabetes & Metabolism obtained at the NIH in Bethesda. Currently, he is the Program Director for his specialty and Director of Diversity in Graduate Medical Education, at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine in Phoenix, AZ.  He is remarkably well published and has collaborated currently and in the past as a member of the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) and ACGME (American College of Graduate Medical Education), along with belonging to the AMA (American Medical Association) IMG Council. He has dedicated the last 10 years of his career to help, guide and mentor FMGs / IMGs. Despite his belonging to these institutions, the advice offered here, in this show, does not reflect the institutional opinions from the FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards) and NBME, nor from the USMLE, nor their representatives.  The goal of this Podcast is to provide calm, peace of mind and reassurance to the Medical community aspiring to become certified and trained as a physician in the USA, and we try to explain the reasons in what was the process that led the USMLE to change the scoring strategy, the controversy behind the changes that many have considered it "The single biggest opportunity for medical school education reform since the Flexner Report", which in 1910 established standards for modern medical education, in the USA, setting an example for the entire world, regarding the minimally required knowledge for physicians practicing medicine in America.  Please leave us feedback and a review. Do not forget to email me with questions or concerns to I will be more than happy to connect you with Dr. Correa if you have further questions about this controversial topic that will be implemented by the USMLE in 2022 and how the transition process is expected to occur in the next few months. Thanks for joining and subscribing. Also, visit our Facebook group and my webpage, for mentoring and personal coaching. You guys keep me motivated, let's grow together on our ventures.  Alonso Osorio, M.D. 

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